University Course title Duration Languages
 Business House Institute(Director) Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing 2011-2012 English
Alain University of Science and Technology Computer, System Analysis, Web Engineering 2010- until now English
National Institute for Vocational Education- Dubai System Analysis and Design, - E-Commerce
Business IT Projects computer security
2007-2010 English
Emirates College of Technology-Abu Dhabi Web Design
MIS, SQL,Visual Basic
Data Communication &Net Working
Emirates Institute of Technology-Abu Dhabi Web Design HTML
Relational Data Base
(SQL)  and IT Courses
2003-2007 English
Zayed University- Abu Dhabi International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Summer 2003 Arabic
Emirates Institute of Technology-Abu Dhabi Computer Hardware
Visual Basic, Data Base (SQL),HTMLFrontPage
2002-2003 English
Software Engineering
2001-2002 Arabic & English
HadramoutUniversitySciencesCollege System Analysis and Design,SoftwareEngineering-Networking 1999-2002 Arabic & English
HadramoutUniversitySciencesCollege Operating System
-Computer maintenance
1999-2002 Arabic & English
Data Base
- Software Engineering
1999-2002 Arabic & English
MamoonUniversity-Baghdad Statistical Packages 1997-1999 Arabic &English
MamoonUniversity-Baghdad Operating System 1997-1999 Arabic & English
MamoonUniversity-Baghdad Data Base (FOXPRO) 1997-1999 Arabic &English
MamoonUniversity-Baghdad Programming ( PASCAL) 1997-1999 Arabic & English
Higher Institute of postgraduate studies- the NationalComputerCenter Computer Auditing and Control.
-Computer Security
1994-1999 Arabic & English
BabylonUniversity Data Structure 1993-1997> Arabic & English
BabylonUniversity Computer Maintenance Technology 1992-1999 Arabic&English
BabylonUniversity Data Base 1990-1999 Arabic &English
BabylonUniversity Operating Systems 1990-1999 Arabic &English
BabylonUniversity System Analysis & Design 1990-1999 Arabic &English
BabylonUniversity Programming (BASIC & PASCAL) MSOffice 1990-1999 Arabic &English
KufaUniversity Programming(BASIC) 1989-1990 Arabic &English


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